Tag: Fiahawn


  • Amyn Reaches

    Also known as the Amyn Mountains, the Amyn Reaches make up the southern-most extent of the Spine. The range charts the northern border of Pellanar and Chettarn, and part of the western extent of [[Fiahawn | Fiahawn]]. The Amyn Hold is located on the …

  • Tuthan Way

    Colloquial name for an ancient trail leading south from [[Olari | Olari]] to the the mining town of Tuin, east of the Auron Range.

  • Auron Range

    A minor mountain range south of [[Olari | Olari]] in [[Fiahawn | Fiahawn]]. running about 27 miles in length roughly north to south.

  • The Time of Exiles

    Refers to the period of [[Fiahawn | Fiahawn]]'s recent history between the ascension of Anyon I in 672 and the death of Draaver in 782. It encompasses the brief period of controlling influence of House Tiaran on the Hathell throne and the ascension of …

  • Thripney

    Also known as a three-penny. A piece of currency, introduced late in the reign of Tiaran (Fiahawn, r. AO704-729). The Thripney was introduced as a new form of taxation – of the two pennies’ value, one penny was for the crown. Merchants selling to the …